Monday, January 2, 2012

Treasure Box & Smoked Salmon Aglio Olio @ Paddington House of Pancakes, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Tomorrow is the first day of work in 2012, before we start work & school, me and my sisters went to The Curve this afternoon to do shopping. We planned to enjoy a set of afternoon tea set at Winter Warmers, and drink my favourite rose milk tea. I was then really really sad to find out that this restaurant already closed down and to be replaced with an unknown new shop later! I really hope that the restaurant is being relocated and not close down. :(

Anyway, we went to Paddington House of Pancakes instead to have late lunch. The restaurant was full, but we manage to find a good spot near a corner.

Some deco on the wall.

I ordered this- Smoked Salmon Aglio Olio. RM16.50. I love it a lot, wanna try to make this next weekend. Since next time I'll be very free during weekends, I want to learn how to cook delicious food, hehe.

Bright Eyes- Fresh fruit juice, blend of orange, strawberries and carrot. RM9.50. Expensive and not that nice, next time I'll order plain water only.

ImmuneZoom- My sis ordered this, not sure what's inside, but the taste also very ordinary. RM9.50.

This is our favourite- Treasure Box. You can find ice-cream, chopped bananas, strawberries, raisins, peaches and mini pancakes in it. Topped with some crunched ground nuts and maple syrup (you add your own syrup, we poured very little only) . Very delicious and tasty, but I think I can make it on my own, just that the pancakes I make won't be mini in size, haha.


Min said...

You want to learn cooking again! Hehe, let me know how's your Aglio olio ya, I love that sad that Winter's Warmer closed down more rose milk tea for us :(

Mindy said...

Yeah, no more rose milk tea which is nice ><

bacterium said...

rose milk tea? teh botol can beat that anytime! who's that in the first pic? your mom?