Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lunch @ Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, One Utama

Yesterday I went to One Utama shopping mall with my sis to do last minute pre-CNY shopping. We managed to catch a movie before our lunch, and it was around 3pm only we started to feel the hunger.

We walked pass a restaurant which replaces Italiannies Pasta Pizza restaurant, there were not many people around and I guessed was due to the odd hour. My sis suddenly remembered her friend actually recommended this fusion style Japanese restaurant, thus we decided to give it a try.

The menu

Chicken Katsu Don. We added the egg ourselves when the sauce & gravy start to boil. We were so 'chicken hand duck leg' (Cantonese), the waiter then lend us a helping hand, lol.

The steaming hot chicken katsu, but I'll rate it with higher mark if the chicken skin not so thick & fat. RM17.90

Okonomi Satsuma RM14.90- This is really tasty and delicious! Different from the ordinary Okonomiyaki where the base is made from flour , this is made from fish cake. The waiter actually recommended this to us because we don't eat beef, the main ingredient in their signature Okonomiyaki. I love this okonomi satsuma a lot, suddenly wanna learn to cook this myself, lol

Anago maki RM16.90- Tempura eel sushi, not very special but taste good

Irodori Unagi RM7.90- delicious! but too small portion ><

We finished our meal with matcha parfait RM11.90, so satisfying!

Wanna learn more about Watami? This is it's official website. It actually has set menu for 2 & 4, where you can enjoy japanese style salad or pizza, sushi, hotpot, dessert etc... I'll definitely go back to try it next time.

ps:All photos above captured by my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 :)


bacterium said...

Ha? Italiannies is no longer in 1u? Noooo.. few years ago that's our favourite lunch spot. Salmon with angel hair pasta.. yum yum!

Mindy said...

yeah bacterium, italiannies not there now