Sunday, December 18, 2011

My DIY Simple Tuna Salad

Last week I went to my ex-colleague's house at Damansara Villa for a gathering. We ate steamboat, tuna salad, apple salad, watermelon in ginger wine etc. All of the food are self-prepared and own cooked, except for the chocolate moist cake which I bought from TK brothers, haha. After trying the tuna salad made by my friend, I decided to give it a try since I plan to loose weight before chinese new year, yeah, I know I plan to do this every year and never succeeded... ><

Anyway, I went to Tropicana City Mall this morning to buy those ingredients needed to make the tuna salad. Actually initially I planned to make spicy tuna salad after trying the extremely yummy one at Black Canyon, Pai, Thailad. However, I do not have the recipe, and I think I better try a simpler salad first before I go on to a more advance stage, hehe.

Below are ingredients needed to make this simple tuna salad
1) Tuna in Virgin Olive Oil (I bought TC Boy brand)
2) Cherry tomatoes
3) Onion
4) Green/Red Bell Pepper
5) Butterhead lettuce
6) Egg
7) Freshly squeezed lemon juice
8) Black pepper
9) Mayonnaise (not too much)
10) Thousand Island sauce (Optional, I didn't use this)

Actually I plan to add olive but couldn't find it today. Besides, add in crab stick, sausages and feta will make the salad more tasty. But I plan to make a SIMPLE and HEALTHY salad, so I omit these few ingredients, haha.

ps:All photos above captured by iPhone 4.


Min said...

Mindy, good try! Hehe, you want to loose weight ah..wish you good luck! It's hard for me to keep fit during CNY because got a lot of yummy coookies leh...

Mindy said...

Thanks smin! I am going to make spicy tuna salad as dinner tomorrow night. I also find it difficult cos I love cookies, but I have to try hard. :)