Friday, July 10, 2015

Set Lunch at Nana's Green Tea @ One Utama

Since Nana's Green Tea opened its second branch in One Utama Shopping Centre, I have been planning to try the set lunch offered there. My friend highly recommends the Japanese curry there, but I had doubts in it initially. After I ate the fried namban chicken rice in Midvalley branch few months ago, I felt the food was not up to standard, though the green tea parfait and matcha latte was delicious.

Finally, we were there for lunch yesterday. Without giving a second thought, I have chosen chicken karaage with Japanese curry as my main course. The set comes with a bowl of soup and a free beverage. I ordered my favourite iced matcha latte.
The chicken karaage was very tasty, very crispy and crunchy, and yet the meat was soft and juicy.The color was more brownish than the usual chicken karaage I had in Japan, but the taste was quite comparable. The curry was nice too, and was a good combination with the rice. The rice used is like a mixture of brown rice, white rice and some barleys, quite healthy and unique.

My choice of beverage, iced matcha latte. The thickness and sweetness just nice for my liking, unlike the Starbucks coffee type which is too sweet.

My friends ordered hot matcha latte, some say was good but one of them found it to be too strong. The taste and preference are always very subjective and based on individual liking. The set comes to RM22 per person inclusive of GST, and we think it is quite reasonable for the environment and portion given.

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