Saturday, April 19, 2008

記得食-K.T.Z. Food

Tonight was a rainy night, with loud thunder and horrifying lightning. However, the bad weather did not stop me from having supper/dinner at KTZ food a.k.a Kei Tak Sek(Remember to Eat!) at SS2,PJ.

Long time never been there, at least 6 months! Really missed the famous Mango Loh (芒果西米撈). Although I’ve tried many types of Mango Loh at various stalls/restaurants, I still think KTZ serves the best Mango Loh.

The menu looks simple, but don't judge a book by its cover.

Porridge topped with crispy Yao Char Guai (油條). Unhealthy food? Haha. Actually it’s delicious, but it would be better if lesser MSG was added.

上海炸醬面- a kind of Shanghai style noodle. This is not the traditional type but still taste good, especially the spicy sauce.

The tempting Shanghai Guo Tie (上海鍋貼). Crispy skin filled with juicy seasoned meat.

The focus of the night, Mango Loh!!! It can really satisfy your taste bud, especially if you are a Mango lover. RM5.50 per bowl, is it considered expensive? Yeah, because it consists of ice, some mango and sago only, but I just can’t resist it. Lol~~

In case you don't know where KTZ is, it is situated opposite to the Food Court of SS2, and it's a corner shop. Just give it a try and I can guarantee you'll love it.

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