Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Sunway GIZA Mall

I've heard of Full house cafe few years ago,and saw its first outlet at Niu Ze Xui, Ara Damansara. However, I've not stepped into the cafe before although I was attracted by its deco and concept. Why? Because it's always full house, just like its name. No wonder people always say name is very important as it might affect your luck, haha.

Anyway, tonight we went to Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Sunway GIZA Mall, an outlet which is much nearer to my house, although the other outlets at NZX and Sunway Pyramid also not that far. We've taken our dinner, so just to have a drink and light supper at Fullhouse. (Supper again, no wonder my slimming mission always fail...)

The entrance

I like the pink car, so cute...


This photo taken before we left, around 11pm, thus it looks empty... The cafe was actually packed with people at 8pm despite fasting month. So please be early if you don't like to wait, heard that people usually have to wait for 20 minutes before seated. @@

The menu is so colorful and cute

Set lunch options, available from 12pm to 4pm. I love the cartoons.... ^^

The set lunch is quite cheap for its ambiance and quantity served. I wanna try it next time. This restaurant reminds me of the 日出有大美&薰衣草森林 shop in Taiwan. As we sat at outdoor smoking area tonight, so I didn't get to snap photos of its interior design. The interior design is very attractive, but I'll leave it for my next visit to explore more.

Some of the drinks there are slightly too sweet

Many people love the food there, I can't give much comment as I didn't order any food other than mashed potato. And I've to say that the mashed potato taste really GOOD!!! Highly recommended!


Min said...

Ya, it reminds me of the 日出有大美also, hope can go there in our coming kl trip, hehe.

Mindy said...

sure, i can bring u gals there. :)

bacterium said...

how much is the price like? expensive?

Mindy said...

i think the price is ok for its environment, almost like Secret Recipe price.

Candlelyn said...

i really like Fullhouse environment~hope i can visit there one day =)

Mindy said...

Sure u will have chance :)