Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pfizer Drug Talk @ KL Hilton

Two weeks ago, I attended a drug talk organized by Pfizer at KL Hilton, after being forced by Li Li. I never attend any drug talk before which held outside of my working place, except those slot in between conference or course. The main reason is I'm not a MPS member, and I also don't like to waste my weekends listening to those drug pushers promoting their companies' drugs. Especially those days when I still worked in hospitals, always bombarded by drug rep on how good & cost effective their products are. And always attend those cpd talks sponsored by drug companies, walked away with free pens, folders, secret recipe cakes, KFCs, McDs...

Anyway, since the drug talk was on a Friday night, and I've to pass by KL Sentral to reach home, so I decided to attend the talk. The talk was given by a Dutch professor from Breda, Holland and was regarding neuropathic pain. It's actually very informative and interesting, so much better than those given by so called product specialist or drug rep. The talk was mainly opened for medical doctors but any other healthcare professionals were welcomed. Vincent and Li Li are used to attending this kind of talk which always being held in KL 5 star hotels. For me, it's something new.

KL Hilton is really grand, duh, haha. I've to pay RM8 for the parking, but still ok since free buffet dinner provided. Now is the fasting month, thus refreshment provided too for buka puasa at 7.30pm. Although it's refreshment, but sandwich, fried noodles, soup, cakes etc were served, so much that I thought that was for dinner. After the one hour talk, buffet dinner time started. We tried almost all the food until I felt so guilty once I reached home, so fattening! There were tiger prawns, fish, octopus, roasted chicken, baked cheese potatoes, tom yam noodles and a lot more food as main course plus whole lot of dessert... Em I shall not attend this kind of talk too frequent or else I'll become super fat. ><

The talk was mainly on Lyrica and Neurontin

The recycle bag given together with those pamphlets, notebook, pen, folder...

It's actually a fold-able recycle bag, can be used on every Saturday. Say No to Plastic Bag ok.

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