Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bangkok Trip- T & K Seafood

On the second night, we took a cab from Baiyoke Boutique Hotel to Chinatown. The driver charged us 145 Baht, which is quite expensive because the journey only around 20 minutes. We could find T & K Seafood restaurant easily, maybe because it is famous.

All the workers in green attire. The restaurant is a corner shop and full of customers, very obvious from far. We choose to sit upstairs with air-conditioned, but many people prefer to have their meals outside the restaurant, at the roadside, maybe is just for the ambiance.

Fried omelet with oyster. The oyster is 'fat' and juicy.

Glass noodles and prawns. The taste of the glass noodles is superb! I even prefer it than the prawn, lol.

I don't really fancy the sauce, just an ordinary sauce to me.

Stirred fried vegetable

Fried rice with eggs, not bad, but I already diverted my attention to the glass noodle.

A must eat dish in Bangkok- Tom Yam. This is the type I like, not too sour but instead a bit sweetened, really goes well with the rice. We ordered Tom Yam seafood, and we were given a sumptuous amount of seafood, yum yum...

The whole meal was cheap, but I forgot exactly how much it was, around 800 Baht. I realized that at most of the Thai restaurants, the waiter will take back the receipt after we paid the bill, and I do not understand why they practise so.


Angeline said...

The vegetable is Stir Fried Morning Glory

If i'm not mistaken, this meal costs us about 860 baht

bacterium said...

I thought morning glory is a type of flower? You guys ate fried flowers?

I'm drooling already at all the pictures.

800 bahts is cheap yo! How many people sharing?

Min said...

I miss the glass noodles, so delicious! Eh, the total meal costs 680baht only, so cheap, we should order more, hehe.

Mindy said...

Total 4 if us sharing the meal, it's delicious and very cheap.

I also dunno why it's called morning glory, but it's vege and not flower. :P

Really only 680 baht? maybe i remember wrongly, but anyhow it's really cheap. :P

Angeline said...

Hehe......680 baht for 4 person, really cheap ler, should order another serving of the prawn vermicelli, miss it now~~

I also don't understand why it's called morning glory, but the vege really taste good :)