Friday, October 22, 2010

Bangkok Trip- Coconut Ice Cream & Coconut Sorbet

Anyone tried coconut ice-cream before? Before my Bangkok trip, my uncle recommended a restaurant named Greyhound in Bangkok which is famous for its mini chicken wing & coconut ice cream. Although I like coconut drink and coconut flesh, but I only like the FRESH coconut and not ice cream made from santan (coconut milk). I still remember the Baskin-Robbins coconut ice cream which irritated me, yeah, the taste is so rich in santan and sweet that I only ate 20% of it., what a waste!

Anyway, I still hunt for coconut ice cream when I was in Bangkok, hoping that it'll satisfy my taste buds. When we were shopping at Chatuchak market, I saw a stall crowded with people, each of them holding a coconut shell on their hands. It's actually the famous stall which sells coconut ice cream at Chatuchak, some claimed that it's the first original stall which sells coconut ice cream, don't know how true it is. However, due to the heavy rain and cold wind, we decided not to try it, a bit regret now...

On the 3rd day of our trip, I saw coconut ice cream again at Amphawa Floating Market, this time we didn't miss the chance to try it.

A man scooping ice cream and placed them into a coconut shell with fresh coconut flesh. 3 scoops, how generous he is.

Placing the ice cream nicely

After adding the topping- crispy peanuts, handed it to the waiting customer

And this is my coconut ice cream, or I shall say coconut sorbet. Only 20 baht for one, around RM2, cheap and good! The coconut sorbet is so delicious and cooling, it's made from coconut JUICE and not santan, so happy!!! Eat it with the coconut flesh and peanuts, heavenly good!

Posing with the coconut sorbet, I was the photographer, lol.

The next day when we back to Bangkok city, we had lunch at Greyhound, Siam Paragon. It's a Italian style restaurant but you can find thai food over there too. It's the most pricey meal we had for this trip, each of us spent around RM30-RM35, a bit like TGI Friday's standard.

Funny quote, haha. Greyhound day= Dog day

Coconut sorbet, also very delicious. But the coconut flesh already blended with the ice cream, not big slices like the one we had at Amphawa. Around 65 baht for one. I would say this one has a slightly better taste and texture, but overall I still prefer the previous one, maybe coconut shell is the extra points. My aunt told me there's a good coconut ice cream at Siam Paragon food court, the topping is nangka (jackfruit), wow. But she only told me when I back to KL... sigh

And of course we ate the crispy mini chicken wing...


Min said...

I miss the Amphawa's coconut ice cream now, so yummy and the most important is it's so cheap!

Mindy said...

I wanna learn how to make coconut sorbet myself... em...

Angeline said...

I miss the coconut sorbet too ><