Friday, August 9, 2013

Tai Lei Loi Kei Pork Chop Bun@ Kota Damansara

Today my sis and I went to Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利来记澳门猪扒包) Pork Chop Bun restaurant at Kota Damansara to take away some buns. This famous pork chop bun originated from Macau and heard that it always  attract a long queue of customers. I only been to Macau once and never had the chance to taste it last time.
The interior of the shop, looks like some ordinary fast food chain restaurant. Rm11.90 for a pok chop bun. One set of pork chop bun with beverage is Rm13.90, can choose milk tea, coffee or soft drink. The queue was not that long, but waited for quite some time as the customer in front bought around 10 buns. @@

This is how the bun looks like, the pork chop is much larger than the bun! The pork chop is tasty, flavorful and juicy, it will go nice with rice too. The bun is toasted with generous amount of butter and very crispy, but  yes I know it is fattening.= =
The bun does not contain any vegetable, salad or mayonnaise, different from ordinary western burger. Well it is not a balance diet, but once in a while is ok. ^^


Min said...

Wow, they are finally in Malaysia. I tried twice in Macau, really love it. Wondering the version here is the same or not, will go try it out if got chance.

Mindy said...

Haha I think it is tasty but I never try the Macau original version before. There is another tai lei Loi kei store in lot 10 now, the food court I brought u gals there last time.Super long queue there.