Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My One Day Trip in Malacca

Yesterday I went to Malacca town with Huey Im and her friend, although it was only a 1 day trip, we still have some enjoyable moments. Frankly speaking, we didn't know the directions at all, just trial and error, hehe. Also thanks to my sis Angeline for the info & little map, not forgetting the friendly tauke in Malacca. :)

Once we reached Malacca town, the first thing we hunted for was the well-known chicken rice ball in Jonker Street.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice, the originator of chicken rice balls

The chicken rice balls look like fish balls ^^

We spent some time walking along jonker street and bought some small souvenirs. The stuffs sold there are quite similar but cheaper than those things you can find at The Curve Flea Market. This street is famous for its antique shops too.

We went to eat nyonya cendol after spending 2 hours under the hot sun. Nyonya cendol is shaved ice with coconut milk, brown sugar, green coloured jelly cendol and red beans (no peanuts). It is very tasty, don't miss it if you are cendol lovers!!! :)

Malacca is Malaysia's Historic City, thus we also visited some famous tourist spots such as St. Paul's Church, the Red House & Stadthuys, some museums which I forgot the names etc. If you want to know more about Malacca, please visit its official site, I'm not good at elaborating this. ><

I used to memorise the history of Malacca when I was in Secondary school, but now I can barely remember the details, is this the sign of ageing? I can only recall that Malacca was conquered by Portugese, Dutch and British before it gained independence.

Wanna go for a ride???

St. Paul's Church

Before we went back to KL, we had dinner at Capitol Satay Celup. It is self-service steamboat cooked with satay sauce, so if you love satay, definitely you'll enjoy this meal. (It took us quite some time to find this restaurant~~)

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