Friday, February 29, 2008

Stress-Induced Pimples

I've some ugly pimples on my face now, how can I get rid of them??? The last time I had this problem was in September 07, when I was waiting for my posting letter. I think the only solution is by attending stress management course, grrrrrrrrrrr


Sze Min said...

Hey, are you facing much stress recently? Relax a bit la, take a rest from the job a while, maybe it will be better. Plan our trips ya :)

Mindy said...

Yalo, I've a lot of things to do recently, and they r not related to pharmacy daily job, I mean not directly related. No mood to do all those stuffs, but forced to!!! I dun like this kind of life at all.

Sze Min said...

Do you mean those ISO, KMK things? Same over here, I need to be the person who is in charge of aset and pelupusan, really headache :(

Mindy said...

Yeah, something like that, sigh

marizol said...

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Elite Eye Serum said...

definitely stress can cause pimples. I can see this as a true reason why this pimples just pops out and grows in your face and some other parts of your body.