Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gelato Fruity--> My Favourite Ice-Cream

I ate Gelato Fruity ice-cream tonight, that's my favourite!!! Yeah, I've said I want to go for diet & weight reducing program, but I failed, lol~~ I still eat as usual, or in fact I eat more. What to do? I always want to eat and stuff my stomach with food / snacks when I'm stressed. Since I'll be away from KL for more than 2 weeks (starts from 9/3/08), I shall enjoy now. Eat whatever I like, go wherever I wish. I'm certain that the place I'll go have no sushi king, gelato fruity,cinema,shopping malls,karaoke... How can I survive over there, luckily only for 2 weeks, phew!!!

Talking about Gelato Fruity, it's really very tasty. It's fat-free with 99% fruit and 95% dairy. Mango flavour is the best, I like the feeling when it melts in the mouth,yummy!!! The price is not that cheap, but affordable, just give it a try and I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Mango + Strawberry yogurt--> RM8.90 (that hand doesn't belong to me ^^)


Sze Min said...

Haven't tried that ice cream before. Anyway, I'm dieting recently, so ice-cream is a no no for me. Hehe. I will be going down kl this weekend, but I think you will not be there right?

Mindy said...

I'll be in kl this weekend, no oncall, yeah yeah