Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some Forgotten Memories

I was searching for pix in my old pc when I suddenly found some old photos. Those photos were taken by me when I first reached Temerloh Hospital, the place which I received PRP training. I still remember how depressed & sad I was when I knew that I was posted to Temerloh. Where on earth is Temerloh? That's the first Q came across my mind. I was so hopeless and lost because I'm the only student from my batch who got that hospital.

During the first few days of work, I disliked my job!!! I couldn't communicate with people around me that well, maybe that's some kind of cultural shock? Everyday after work, I'll go back to the quarter and stayed alone, with mosquitoes flying around me.

The houseman quarter is big, one person per unit. Can you imagine how lonely I was?As time pass by, I managed to adapt to the new environment. I started to like the working atmosphere there- no politics and with many friendly colleagues around. I even applied to stay back in Temerloh Hospital after my training completed, of course the main reason is still its considered short distance from my hometown, hahaha.

Now I've been working for one & a half year in HoSHAS. Other than those projects which piss me off, I enjoy working as in-patient pharmacist. I like my colleagues because they always cooperate with me. Sometimes we go out for dinner together and chit-chat til sleeping time. I'm certain that I'll miss these moments after I completed my compulsory service. What can I do now is to treasure each moment we shared together.

If not because of these seemingly lonely photos, I wouldn't recall how sad I was back then. How silly I was, LOL~~


GodhandAkira said...

wah, last time u stay quarter want ar? how come i don't know. By the way the staff in HoSHAH is nice, just the stupid project make me sick...

Sze Min said...

Hey, ur post made me think back how depressed I was also when I first posted to Gerik, the most district area in Perak,and it's almost reached Thailand border already. However, I start to enjoy the life here, it's pretty relax staying over here although the work made me headache sometimes. I believe that we will lose and gain something along our life path. So appreciate the moments :)