Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pharmacist = FarmAssist

Until today, pharmacist role in healthcare service is not widely recognised, especially in Asian countries. When I was studying in university, a taxi driver once asked me why do we need 4 years to get a Pharmacy degree. He thought that those ladies in private clinic who dispense medicines to patients are pharmacists. He even told me that's an easy job, just pack some medicines into plastic bags according to doctor's prescription. I was speechless. ><

Few weeks back, I lie down comfortably on my bed and reading a magazine. To my surprise, there are people who think that pharmacist daily routines are linked to farm. Pharm=Farm? So pharmacist = FarmAssist? Eh hem, so am I supposed to do farming in the hospital? Get myself involved in pest control programme during oncall hours? This is really interesting...

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