Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kursus Induksi @ Rompin Beach Resort

Just came back from a 14 days course @ Rompin!!! Didn't online for quite a long time, and just realized that I have 1800 unread new emails an hour ago. ><

Let me share some photos taken @ RBR

This is the beach resort where we had induksi. The environment is not bad, with facilities like gym, swimming pool, sauna, karaoke etc. I enjoyed my stay over there, especially when get to hang out with many friends. :) Away from daily routine works is great!! :P

This's my room! It's facing the beach, just 1 min. walk from the seaside

Don't know what happen to the beach! Local people say is due to the monsoon which brings rubbish from the sea nearby

Strong ocean wave

Playing kite @ the beach, woo hoo~~

The food at RBR is ok, not very delicious but edible. However, there's one night where 29 of us suffered from severe diarrhea after eating steamboat prepared by RBR cook. Em, this won't be a good experience! Luckily there were many pharmacists with Lomotil, Buscopan, ORS, haha~ Sometimes we were bored of eating the hotel food, so we went out for seafood dinner. Seafood is cheap in Rompin, each of us spent less than RM15 for a table of seafood! Another food specialty is Mi Udang (prawn mee), it's very different from our chinese har min. The sauce is tasty and served with big prawns,so yummy!!! Have you tried carrot+lime juice before? I think that's the best juice in the world,slurrp, slurrp~~~~~~~

ps: the photos resolution aren't good, taken with my 2Megapixels handphone.


Sze Min said...

hey, the last pic, are you in the pic?

Mindy said...

Min, I'm NOT in the pic, coz i was the photographer ma. OMG, dun tell me u can't recognise my face... @@