Sunday, March 9, 2008

Night View At Shanghai

Have you ever been to Shanghai? I think it has the best night view, even nicer than Hong Kong, but this's my personal opinion and no offense to others. When I was standing at Waitan (外灘),Shanghai, I had this feeling that I was back to the year of 1920. There are many old buildings with eye-catching colourful lights, I love the atmosphere over there. 夜上海,夜上海,你是個不夜城。。。

This photo is irrelavant with my topic, but I would like to share with you guys. The 'ball' behind me is made up of CK jeans, yeah, real jeans! What a waste! And why is that 'creature' beside me naked? haha~~


Sze Min said...

I haven't been to Shanghai, but I believe it's a great place to visit. Hope I can go there soon..

betties said...

You are so lucky can see shanghai evening night but when we been there they have no night on (Thursday)because they need to save more power for other city..>O<

P.S..Nice picture in shanghai.