Monday, November 22, 2010

Suspected Dengue?

2 nights ago, I started to feel nauseated, stomach cramp, fever, chills, headache and generalized body ache. The body ache was so torturing that I couldn't sleep well, the feeling was like someone non-stop hammering you. The stomach cramp was unbearable too, but no diarrhea.

Yesterday morning I went to polyclinic to seek treatment, reluctantly. The pain was so killing that I walked like an old lady. I was not given any medications as the doctor knows that I've all the required medicines at home. Since I was suspected to have dengue, he told me to monitor my own body temperature regularly, and I bought the Wellmex glass mercury thermometer from his clinic. When I was at home and wanted to check my body temperature, I realized that the thermometer is damaged... The reading always at 38C even I tried to immerse it in a cup of ice water. >< But I was too weak and lazy to ask for refund from the clinic, whatever, just pop Paracetamol into my mouth when I feel feverish, I know it's subjective though.

The body ache already subsided last night after I've taken Ponstan. Now I've occasional fever, stomach cramp and nausea, but getting much better compared to yesterday morning, at least I could sleep well last night. Tomorrow going to my KK to do blood test, hopefully everything turn out to be fine...


bacterium said...

are there are lot of mosquitoes in your house? time to put some mosquito netting and mosquito repellent.

fever usually will make us feel difficult to sleep, unless we are too tired.

most important is that you can still take solid food, it is the main source of energy for the body to fight off these pesky virus.

Min said...

Take care, my friend. I think better to a blood test, then you know what's wrong, rest more la!

Mindy said...

yeah my house full of mosquitoes, maybe because too many plants and trees in the garden.

i did my blood test, thank god is ok