Sunday, November 7, 2010

UniQlo Opening @ Fahrenheit 88 Store - From Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur

Today I went to Fahrenheit 88 for the opening special of UniQlo, thanks to Uncle Lawrence, Uncle Jason & Aunt Chris for the 'offer'. We managed to get into the store easily, but I have to pay salute to those people who queued up patiently for their turns to 'maneuver' into the store.

Advertisement and banners are seen all over the corners.
People already started to line up before 10am... ><>

Here I come...


Not all items have special offer. Most of the items with special rate are Fleece, UniQlo Jeans (UJ), UniQlo T-shirts (UT). I bought 4 pair of jeans with the special price of RM49.90/pair, usual price RM99.90. The quality is good, soft and light. Bought micro fleece too, but the design I like the most don't have my size, sigh. ><>
Look at this! Sign board for those people who are not sure where does the queue start and end! You have to queue for fitting room, for cashier. Btw, Amex is not accepted by the cashier counter.

You have to line up for at least 20minutes for the fitting room... so my advice is GRAB as much of clothes as you can and RUSH to the queue or else you have to wait even longer period.

Line up for cashier. There are 3 floors, so better pay at the second floor as the crowd of people is comparatively less.

Scratching head... which one shall I pick?

Buy RM200 and above and you will get this recycle bag for free.
After shopping, we went for lunch in a restaurant nearby.
Drunken chicken noodle... yummy!


bacterium said...

Malaysians are crazy over Uniqlo. Maybe it's because of the promotion or something else.

When I was in London, I saw Uniqlo there too, but there was no one there.

Anyway, drunken chicken noodle.. is it the same as wine chicken noodle?

Mindy said...

yeah is the same as wine chicken noodle, tasty :)

Emily said...

I'm so disappointed to have missed this - I was in KL 2 days before, would've loved to treat myself to some women's clothing.

Great pics though!

Mindy said...

It's ok emily, i believe there'll be sales again towards the end of the year. Or maybe sales during chinese new year.