Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A MUST Go Coffee House- dr. Cafe Coffee @ Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Last night my sis went to search for Tenji, Solaris as her company going to treat them buffer dinner there. Really envy those people who work for private, always get high bonus or complimentary dinner at 5star hotels and expensive restaurants.

Anyway, later on we went to dr. Cafe Coffee house for a drink. Heard that it's quite famous and serve the best coffee in the world ( a bit exaggerating), not sure how true it is. People who know me well definitely know that I'm never a coffee lover. However, I ordered a cup of ice mocha caramel (RM11.55 nett), just wanna taste how good is the coffee.

Nice interior design

Lots of dessert too. We've taken away some for my youngest sis who's suffering for her exam, hahaha

Coffee bean for sale

Mug & Cup for sale. Will be a good choice as Christmas gift

Ice Mocha Caramel- Look so 'kao', not bad, but honestly I don't know how to differentiate coffee, haha. For those people who don't fancy coffee like me, there're many types of cocktail and juices for you to choose from, an addition point compared to other well known coffee shops where you can only order coffee, tea or soda drinks. My friend tried a drink called Relax (RM10.50 nett), very refreshing, cooling and nice.

Very comfortable seats with cushion. Wifi available and the speed is ok. Snapped all the photos with my fren's iPhone 4. Really like the environment here, not too crowded & noisy like StarXXXks or Coffee Bxxxx, spacious, comfortable, good service...

Some people prefer to sit at higher level with ordinary chairs and table. More suitable for interview, business or career-related discussion, lol.

To learn more about this cafe, visit its official website.


Min said...

Wei....I want to go, since you said they serve the best coffee in the world, haha, I'm still a coffee addict, I don't want to miss this one!

Mindy said...

wei, not i say, is claimed by the coffee house itself, haha, my fren who tried the hot coffee find it a bit too sweet, but my sis and i drink the cold one and is quite good. ok next time u come to kl we can go there. :)

bacterium said...

There is another coffee specialist store in Damansara area. I have read about it but I haven't been there before. Perhaps will go there when I'm back from Taiwan this round.

Mindy said...

what's the name of the coffee specialist store?

Angeline said...

Not all private sector is as good as u think, it depends~~