Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ice-Cream Cake @ Baskin- Robbins, The Curve

Vanilla ice-cream chocolate cake

Salty chocolate cake with the yummy ice-cream, good combination!!!

* Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!!


Albert said...

Wow... baskin robins also have cakes? Hmmmm please make the pictures bigger ya.. my humble suggestion

Mindy said...

Yeah Baskin Robbins has ice-cream cake. ^^

Oh u can actually click on the photo to enlarge it. ;) Thanks.

bacterium said...

happy belated birthday though. tried once baskin ice cream cake, too sweet to my liking. ice cream is still best served with cone! with nice topping is second.

Min said...

Yummy wo! Haven't tried their cake before, I'm craving for a lot of food recently, Tao is one of my targets :)

Mindy said...

Oh but this ice-cream cake is ok bacterium, not too sweet maybe cos the choc cake is salty, special combination though.I also love to eat ice-cream with cone,if for topping i like choc sauce + nuts only

Min, I wanna try Tao too.