Monday, April 7, 2014

Yummy Assam Laksa @ Ayer Itam, Penang

The surrounding of the shop. Weather was good when we went last saturday. Windy with cool breeze.

This is the best Assam laksa in Penang, oh well it is called laksa there. Never failed to enjoy it whenever I pay a visit to penang. It is very near to Penang hill, and is in Ayer Itam pasar area.

The fresh sugar cane. Quench your thirst in seconds

Yes , this is the laksa we enjoyed the most. I can find good penang char kuey teow in KL, but difficult to find a good assam laksa comparable to this.

Too crowded, so we sat at 'kaki lima'

Not to miss the crispy and delicious Lobak from the same shop.

Photos taken by nexus 5

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Min said...

My favourite! I miss Penang laksa so much, want to have one stat!

Mindy said...

Me too MIN I also feel like eating it now.

Mindy said...
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