Sunday, June 5, 2011

Experience as Retail Pharmacist Part 1

Tonight I locum at Wellness Pharmacy as usual, but the parking lot was extraordinary packed with cars, and I swiped my card at 17.58pm, luckily could make it on time. As usual, customers came in and out continuously to ask for medications, supplements, beauty products etc.

I met a very polite and educated Japanese man who's in his mid-40s- I guessed. ^^ He just suddenly popped up and wanna buy the Beurer Upper arm blood pressure monitors BM58, without thinking much... The price is around RM390, near RM400. I was quite surprised as this German product is much more costly than brands such as Omron. Without asking for discount, he paid for this promptly and requested for me to test it.

This is the touch screen BP meter he bought, so sophisticated looking.

When I wanna open the battery compartment, I made a few attempts and failed. This's the first time I try using Beurer brand BP set, too used to the Omron brand. The nice customer then helped me to open it but facing some difficulties too. In the end only we realized there's another protector case on top and we have to slide it upward before opening the battery case, it is designed that way to prevent accidental opening of the battery case. I felt embarrassed that time, but he's polite and did not say anything. He also found the adapter port of this BP set which I didn't realize initially. Thank god I did browse through the Beurer brochures last time and know the difference between this and other brands. I then explained to him in details what other functions he could expect from buying this product. He listened carefully with a sincere smile... My conclusion is, I like to serve this kind of customer, haha.


Min said...

Very good customer you met, my place doesn't have such high teach blood pressure machine, touch-screen one some more. Hehe, I think you can learn a lot during locum :)

Mindy said...

Yeah min, the customer very good, if not i will feel more 'yu'. Get to learn new things but not so much on medications, cos the place i locum dun store many medications like caring, vitacare and other independent pharmacy. but get to learn other things related to pharmacy which cannot be learned fr gov lol.

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