Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lunch @ Serai, Paradigm Mall

It took us quite some time to find this restaurant, which is located at the boulevard area and not inside the main building of paradigm mall. Just take the escalator outside The Loaf bakery, quite near to Uncle K restaurant. You can see the signage to Serai once you found the escalator.
Love the interior design, bright,cozy and spacious.
Serai ice tea, too sweet for my liking despite requested for less sugar. The sorbet icecream inside the tea was good, not too sweet with slight sourish taste.
So far this is the best nasi kerabu I had in Klang Valley. It has the similar taste with the one I tried in Kelantan pasar, of course this at a much more expensive price. Rm22 +16% tax. The ayam percik was really good too.
Pavlova cake as dessert. Very delicious and satisfying!


bacterium said...

just went there last week.

i think the food in serai is just so-so. in terms of kerabu.. i think ttp is a better if we compare the price and portion and a bit of the taste.

Mindy said...

hi bacterium, welcome back. really? i found serai nasi kerabu was really good, still yet to try other dishes. btw where is ttp?

bacterium said...

teh tarik place. they only have kerabu every thursday. else kelantan delights or belanga kerabu also not bad.

Mindy said...

thanks bacterium, will definitely give it a try. :)

-Orchid- said...

hey next time you must try the steamed lime juice seabass! very very appetising! go with rice. I am about to blog about it!

Mindy said...

cool i wana try tat too