Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dessert @ Salon Du Chocolat , Publika

Long queue outside the shop, no numbering system available. A bit confusing when there are many groups of people waiting outside on a weekend night time. However, the service is quite good and the person who served us is polite.
Not much of seats available, thus expect to wait if you come over peak hours.
Finally got to sit down. Friend's son Jayden was excited to see the chocolatey desserts.
Waffle stick, with generous amount of Belgian chocolate. 

Chocolate waffle
The waffle was crispy, and the warm melted chocolate was really good. Chocolate lover like me will definitely enjoy it. However, I suddenly realized the desserts we ordered look different from the photos I saw online. I still did not notice what causes the difference until......
Until when this brownie crepe was served, the caucasian worker suddenly apologized to us by saying white chocolate not available at that moment. Nowonder the presentation not as nice as what I expected... I think they should inform us earlier, em. White chocolate is never my favourite, but I would like to try the combination of three flavours. When we almost leaving the shop, white chocolate was available again and I saw the fantastic chocolate art on other's table. Urggghhh...
By the way, this brownie crepe was really delicious. My friends find this much more special than the waffle, and the little boy enjoyed eating it. 
The interior of the crepe. Brownie folded in the thin crepe, so sinfully good.Personally I have not tried dip n dip, so can't comment on which is better.
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-Orchid- said...

wow.. chocolate delights!

Mindy said...

yup, chocolate lover should give it a try :)