Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Must Try Ice Kacang (ABC) @ Wai Sik Kai, SS2

Last weekend,my family & I had dinner @ SS2, a place that I seldom go although it's near to my house. Those who stay or work in Klang Valley sure know that this place is always crowded with people and heavy traffic, especially when there is pasar malam (night market).

Anyway, after the dinner, I walked over to Wai Sik Kai to take away the yummy ice kacang as dessert. My family members love the ice kacang @ Stall 41 a lot, simply because it's delicious! It's very sumptuous with lots of red beans, jelly, corn etc. The ice is very fine and topped with my favorite gula melaka (brown sugar) syrup and evaporated milk.

Located at a easily spotted site. The first stall on your right when you enter through the front entrance.

Non-stop making ice kacang, no time for him to take a break.

RM2.50 per bowl, usually I can't finish on my own...


Min said...

I miss that wei sek gai, didn't have chance to go since university time..I love ice kacang too :)

bacterium said...

I like ais kachang a lot! But due to the inflation nowadays, I can't afford it anymore. Last time the ais kachang in my place was only 80 cents.

Mindy said...

min, next time when u come to kl we bring u to wai sek gai ok?

bacterium, i think price increased for everything due to inflation, lol