Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Modesto, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Modesto @ The Curve is opened finally!!! Tried Modesto at Orchard Road, S'pore last year and love the thin crust pizza very much!!! Is the best pizza I've tasted until now.

Ordered fresh orange juice, very costly. @@

50% discount for pizza and pasta during lunch hour! We chose Hawaiana, only one standard size- Large. 8 slices of pizza only for RM15.50. Unbelievable right??

Btw, this is for free, don't know what is its name. Very crispy with the taste of garlic bread.

Look at this, I love this crispy thin crust pizza veryyyyy much! Next time should try the pasta... during lunch hour, haha.

And I ate Daim Cake again at Ikea during tea time, second times in 3 days, so crazy~


bacterium said...

hmm. you can finish a pizza by yourself for lunch? not bad.

Mindy said...

Of course not by myself, so fattening! LOL

Euniceee said...

you're a pharmacist? ooo?? Cool.. Im considering to pick up tht course too... Izit tough? What is a pharmacist pre-requisites? Im afraid that i'll giv up half way..And I like your blog, so many things to read...^^

Mindy said...

Hi Eunicee! Thanks for supporting my blog. Em, I think pharmacy course is quite interesting but tough too. U can do STPM, A-level, SAM, matriculation etc before u take up the pharmacy course.