Sunday, December 19, 2010

Drug Company Gifts, Again

Attended a drug talk last week and got some goodies from the drug rep. Whenever there are goodies from pharmaceutical companies, I'll think of pen and recycle bags. I've tonnes of recycle bags and don't know where to store them. ><
Fridge magnet, pen, key chain

Exforge = power?? Sport car?? No idea.

Quality not bad, but too big for me.


bacterium said...

Can open a store to sell it if you don't have any space left to keep them. Maybe even I would be interested, who knows.

Min said...

That key chain like useless, so large and heavy, hehe..

Mindy said...

open a store? not until that extent, haha.

yalo so big dunno for what, i put into my drawer only, haha