Monday, January 10, 2011

Tea Time @ Gelare Cafe, e@Curve

Have you ever heard of this website? Group$more, a site where you can get lots of discount (up to 90%) for food at new restaurant, treatment course, function etc. My younger sis recommend this site to me, and last week we went to Gelare Cafe at e@Curve to try the waffle voucher she bought.

The food and beverages there are costly, if not because of the discount voucher, I doubt I'll give it a try.

Nice decoration on the wall.

Cafe Mocha+ one big piece of Free chocolate chip cookies- RM 9.90.

My glass of ice lemon tea- RM7.90. Although the presentation is ok, this is one of the worst ice lemon tea I've tried. ><

Simply Latte + one piece of conflakes cookie- RM9.90

Banana Chocolate Waffle- RM 7 instead of RM17 with the discount voucher. The portion is big, with slices of banana in between. Very crispy and tasty & surprisingly, not too sweet.


Mknace said...

:) :) :) terbaeekkk!!!!

Angeline said...

The sandwiches look nice from the pic~~

bacterium said...

waffle and pancakes.. sometimes I prefer pancake more. We passed by this place a lot of times, but never had the chance to try, probably too pricey~ how many sisters do you have?

Mindy said...

Yeah, the sandwiches look good!

Bacterium, i have 2 sisters, why?