Saturday, April 25, 2009

Say YES to Anplas-Bag!!!

I only come across about Anplas bag tonight when I met up with Im & her sis at The Curve. We were walking around the flea market when we stopped by a young guy, holding a blue grocery bag. We were told to register our details at a counter and obtained this Anplas bag for free. I didn't know Anplas stands for Anti-plastic until a lady stood at the counter told us. Thought it's something like salonpas, hahaha. The effect of seeing too many drug reps lately. ><

I like this type of blue, I love blue ^^
(One photographer there snapped a photo of us holding the bag @@)

Here is the official web of Anplas-bag: CLICK HERE
Here is the Facebook group:

The below info quoted from the official site:

ABOUT E-PASSION ADVERTISING ENTERPRISEE-Passion Advertising Enterprise is a special advertising company that puts a great emphasis on environmental protection. It was established as a form of partnership in 2009, based on a creative concept of printing companies' logos on an environmental-friendly bag which is known as Anplas Bag.

ABOUT ANPLAS BAG CONCEPT-Through research, we realized that plastic bags have an irreversible hazardous effect on our environment. Therefore we are creating an unprecedented advertising method by combining the concept of both environmental protection and advertising. We would invite some branded companies to advertise their logos on a specially designed bag which is known as Anplas Bag. To encourage the public to use Anplas Bags, we propose that companies who advertise their logos on Anplas Bag offer certain discount rates on their products to those customers who bring Anplas Bags to their shops. Hence there will be mutual benefits enjoyed by both the users of Anplas bags and companies who advertise on Anplas Bags. On one hand, the public can enjoy the benefit of free grocery bags and discount offers. On the other, these companies would have a better image and a reputation of supporting environment protection.

OUR MISSION- We would like to educate the public about the disadvantages of using plastic bags and thus encourage them to avoid using plastic bags. Starting from schools, we would hold campaigns regarding the hazardous effect of using plastic bags on our environment, thereby instilling in the younger generation a sense of responsibility to preserve our environment. We would start a trend of using environmental-friendly bags by encouraging the public to use Anplas Bags. In the near future, we would bring this trend to our neighbor countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Our ultimate goal is to preserve a Green Earth for future generations!

I think this is an excellent idea!!! Companies who advertise on Anplas-bag get to promote their goods/services. On the other hand, customers get free grocery bags and probably a certain amount of discount, while saving our earth at the same time by not using plastic bag. This will minimize the amount of plastic bag being circulated and used by public. Say no to plastic bag, Say yes to Anplas-bag!!!

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