Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bali Family Trip 2010- Seminyak Beach

10th June 2010 to 14th June 2010 was our long awaited family trip, after the Shanghai Trip in 2006. The whole trip was really relaxing and enjoying, except that some of us suffered from food poisoning, diarrhea & vomiting. ><

We stayed at Harris River View Hotel, Kuta, a new hotel with basic facilities eg. swimming pool, WiFi, table tennis etc. And each of us had one hour Balinese massage in the hotel for FREE, with the use of the complimentary voucher. =)

On our last evening at Bali during this trip, we wanna see sunset at Kuta Beach, which is one of the Top 10 things you must do in Bali. However, Edy suggested to go to Seminyak Beach instead due to the super heavy traffic at kuta (Indonesia school holiday period, added more traffic to the usual hectic traffic). Needless to say, traffic at Seminyak was crazy too, but comparatively better than Kuta's.

Seminyak Beach. It's peaceful and lovely.

Tourists along the beach.

Sunbathing spot, but it's quite empty in the evening.

Many youngsters playing along the beach. Soccer fever?

How nice if I know how to surf, there's surf board for rental.

I already zoomed 10X when I took this photo. This man was brave. @@

Getting darker and darker. Kids playing with the sand.

Sunset at Seminyak Beach, part of the sun was covered by the clouds. If we were to wait longer, I believe we could see a better scene as told by Edy. We went to have dinner instead, LOL.


Angeline Cher said...

We have no luck for sunset during this trip~~

Min said...

Hey, I'm back :) We saw the sunset at Kuta beach, the beach was so crowded... will post photos later.

Mindy said...

welcome back!!! can't wait to c the sunset photos at kuta, upload more photos ya :)