Sunday, September 4, 2011

iPhone or Android Phone? Maxis or Digi?

I've been using my Sony Ericsson k610i since 2007, I still remember the phone was bought after I got my 'tunggakan gaji' , thanks to the 40% salary increment for all KKM (Ministry of Health) staffs at that particular year.

I like this phone for its durable quality. It has been dropped endless time, onto a hard ground, into a basin of water (thank god it's clean) and been splashed with spilled water. I should be happy for it being able to function normally until... 2-3 months back where people start complaining they are having difficulties in calling me. This is not that good when people call you for urgent matters, or to call you out for a date, haha. But of course it's good when you have good reason if your boss complain that your are not contactable, haha.

Anyway, since then I've planned to buy a smart phone. iPhone 4 is still the best option for me because my sister and frenz have been using it and so far no complaints. The image quality is the best too among all the other smart phones. But up to now I still not sure which plan to sign up if I were to use iphone. I've been using Maxis for 10 years and quite satisfied with its service, but many friends keep telling me Digi plan for iphone is better than Maxis.

If I wanna choose a smart phone which is less costly, I'll go for Samsung Galaxy, and the plans for both cellular operator companies are equivalently good. But I still haven't make up my mind to buy which phone, to sign up for which company's plan, or shall I just get any of the smart phone without data plan??? Then how am I going to kill my time while doing locum, if there's no data plan for my smart phone? (The wifi at that area sux)... Maxis line at my locum area is weak too, but I still have to think twice if I were to use Digi as most of my family members and close frenz are using Maxis.... I dunno what to choose...


ken said...

haha.. im still without a smartphone till today.. not because not sure which phone/telco to pick, it's just not a necessity for me i guess..

but it's a cool thing to own.. no doubt about that.. :)

Min said...

I support iphone! Regretted I didn't choose iphone initially, it's much better than my X8, hehe.

bacterium said...

iPhone user here! Currently using Maxis. Recently my iPhone gone nuts and refuse to boot, sent it to Maxis for warranty. The replacement process would take 2 weeks, and Maxis waived off the 3G charges for the whole month! that is a whopping 99 bucks discount to my bill. Can't go wrong with Maxis.

Mindy said...

Ken: i need a smartphone to kill my time when i am bored during work, haha

min: u can consider changing to iphone, now cheaper rite?

bacterium: really? but heard that maxis charge a lot for the 3G dan data once it over the usage limit. whereas for digi, the speed will just slow down once the limit is reached.