Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dim Sum Lunch @ The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Two weeks ago, I had lunch with my colleagues at The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre. It is a restaurant which serves good dim sum under The Oriental Group of Restaurants. As it is under this group, the food quality is usually guaranteed but quite pricey.

We made reservation for a table of 13, this is a must especially during weekend and lunch hour.

Random photo of its interior design. Full of people as it was a Friday lunch. Service is super slow , be sure to order fast. 
The roasted pork very delicious, crispy , juicy and tasty. It goes really well with the sauce which taste like mustard
Some fried beancurd with fresh crispy prawn inside. simply delicious
Pork porridge, very ordinary, not recommended
Salad prawn, yummyyyy
Tasty combo of chee cheong fun with yao char kuai. Abit like the char leong in hong kong, but this one with prawn filling, highly recommended by the waitress. A must try dish!
Siew mai, tasty but not very special
Another must try dim sum, wrapped with crispy bacon.
Char siew pao, juicy and nice
Very normal prawn dumpling, can skip this 
Acceptable pork rib
Yummy hokkien mee
Stirred fried radish cake, not hot enough. My mum can make a much much better one. 
Delicious woo kok, Chinese yam puff. This is definitely a must try dish.
Above are only part of the dimsum we tried. Most of them are good and above average. Each of us paid around rm35 , which I think much more worthwhile than eating in restaurant which cost you almost the same price with a bowl of ramen or pasta. 

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