Monday, February 15, 2016

New Zealand Trip 2015- Our Little Home ~ Jucy Campervan

During our trip to New Zealand in December 2015, we had chosen to experience travelling with campervan for a couple of days. After some surveys done by my friend, we decided to rent Jucy Condo as our campervan for 5 days 4 nights. The total cost was $716.18 (NZ dollar), which included gst, insurance, and a picnic chair. There were 4 girls in our group, so this van is just nice for us. The green color of our little jucy is very attractive and young looking.

After we arrived at Christchurch airport, jucy company provided a shuttle to send us to its office, which is not located in the airport. 
There was not that crowded but the service was quite slow. We waited for more than an hour to collect the campervan.  To compensate us for the long waiting, we were provided extra 3 picnic chairs without charge. 
This was how the van looked like when we first got it. Bedsheets,  blankets,  towels are provided.
There is a mini fridge, 2 electrical stoves, basin and all the cooking utensils and cutleries needed. We used the utensils provided to cook our meals everyday.
In New Zealand,  tourists are not allowed to park the campervan anywhere. The campervan must be parked at designated place or holiday park,or else one can expect to receive ticket from the police. Since we travelled in NZ summer time, my friend prebooked holiday park in famous places such as Wanaka. Photo above shows the power site in the holiday park, and we charged our campervan overnight. 
The scenery along the way when we tour around in little Jucy. Everything was so picturesque and beautiful.
Blue sky, long white clouds, green fields

We stopped by most of the scenic spots to take photos. Despite being summer days, the weather was quite cold and windy especially during night time.
Blue lake and green van, such a contrast.
Although Jucy Condo is  the smaller version of campervan compared to Britz,  Apollo, Maui etc, we found it to be very comfortable. We could sleep through the nights without any problem. However, it can only accommodate 3 adult men comfortably. We really enjoyed sleeping in our campervan under a blanket of starry sky and meteor stars in Wanaka holiday park. The experience was invaluable and we treasure that moment a lot.
We also picnic with little Jucy in Lake Wanaka. It was one of the highlights during our New Zealand trip. On the 5th day, we returned the campervan to Jucy Rental at Queenstown airport. We then continued our journey with our rented Nissan car. 


Min said...

Nice write up! Really miss our campervan a lot, such a special experience :)

Mindy said...

Ya min, I miss the trip very much too. :)