Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chiang Mai, Thailand Trip: Part 3- Maewang Waterfall & Karen Village

After elephant riding, the driver drove us to the nearby White Karen Village. According to the tour guide, they are called white karen because ladies there who haven't married & attached have to wear white costume. Only after married then only they can wear red, blue, purple and other colors attire. Many small children tried to sell own made bracelet to us once we stepped down from the van, one for 5 baht only, but I didn't buy any.
Karen village women make their on scarf, embroidery bags & other types of handicraft to earn a living. Their husbands work in the farm to grow food for local consumption.

Scenery along the karen village. We walked around & I saw some huge pigs, really big and fat. @@

The tour guard then led us the way to Maewang waterfall, we had to walk around an hour to reach there!!! I was sweating prosperously under the hot sun. ~~ Along the journey we met some tourists who were friendly and greeted us warmly. Finally we reached the waterfall, not to say very special but quite cooling.

When I look at this photo, I suddenly recall about the scene of Aaron Kwon in the Stormriders,haha.
Some tourists swam in the waterfall happily, I envy them a lot. How could they stand the coldness of the water? Haha.

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