Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chiang Mai, Thailand Trip: Part 2- Elephant Riding @ San Pa Tong

During our second last day in Chiang Mai, we joined one day treks at San Pa Tong which include elephant riding, bamboo rafting, visit to Karen village and trekking to waterfall. Lunch, drinking water, transport & travelling insurance were provided. The whole package is 800 THB per person but we only paid for 750 THB per person as we got offer from Julie Guest House. The scenery along the way to San Pa Tong. People around me were sleeping, I had nothing special to do but playing with my camera. It was around 1 hour (to be accurate, 59 min as claimed by our tour guide- Mr. OH) drive from Julie's, still tolerable, not that far away.
Getting ready for an hour elephant ride, CHEERS. In the photo are Wai Keng & Sze Min. I had troubles getting onto my elephant as this naughty elephant (picture above) kept aiming its trunk towards me (LOL).
The smart elephant walking up & down small hill. Their movements are slow, but quite bumpy.
On the left is Siew Ting, on the right is Victoria- a Tai Pei, Taiwan girl whom we knew from this day trip. She is very brave & likes to try new stuffs.

The trunk is so powerful
The sun was blaring hot, thank god I remembered to apply sun block, if not I'll turn into Godiva dark chocolate. Scenery along the riding path is very cool.

Elephant searching for food along the way, so naughty but cute. We stopped by to buy bananas and feed the elephant. I was frightened when my elephant & sze min's elephant focusing their trunks towards me (again & again). They collected bananas with their trunks in seconds, then asked from us again, less than 1 min. Miss Angeline beside me (holding the bag of bananas) peeled off the banana skin slowly for the hungry elephants; I was surrounded by 2 elephant trunks and looked very helpless because got nothing to feed them. @@ Angeline, please dun be such a perfectionist! I think sze min ill-treated her elephant because she threw all bananas onto the floor, so it asked food from me many times, hahahahaha.
Look at this photo, small elephant (behind) carrying one person, so adorable.
A photo of Angeline & me captured by the person there. We paid 100 THB for this, together with the photo frame. The frame is made from elephant dung. ==

We also get to see baby elephant (4 months old) in this elephant camp, very very cute especially when it slept on the floor. Althought elephant is huge, it's very tame and cutie. :)


Angeline said...

I worry the elephants do not know how to peel off the bananas skin @@

Min said...

Mindy, why no your own photos? Wei, I treat my elephant very good also, but it is too greedy, want to get banana from you all also...hehe

Mindy said...

haha, I also wonder how the elephants eat banana, think swallow the whole thing.

I only have the photo sold by the people there, bcoz all my photos on elephant with siew ting & victoria.

花 花 宇 宙 said...

hei, how come after u blog on the first day in chiang mai, then directly go the the last 2 day?
Seems like elephant like u, elephant girl?

Mindy said...

I will blog about other days later, dun worry :P

Elephant girl sounds good?