Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pharmacist in Pahang

Recently many pharmacists are posted to Pahang, be it provisional registered pharmacist (PRP) or fully registered pharmacist (FRP). I think Pahang must be seriously lacked of pharmacist and that's the reason why many pharmacists being 'imported' from other states. I wonder what's the feeling of those who were trained in KL/Ipoh/Penang/JB but posted to Pahang as FRP. No matter what kind of mixed feelings they have, sooner or later they have to learn to adapt to the new environment too.

Many prps who are trained in HoSHAS choose to stay back and this trend has remained the same for the past few yrs. This yr HoSHAS might get quite a number of new FRP and PRP since we are supposed to start 24hr service soon, by next year. HIS with microsoft Amalga starting soon too, 2010 will be a challenging year! I'll try to prepare my nota serah tugas ASAP and transfer to another unit, maybe being a clinical pharmacist can give me the opportunity to learn more things. Hopefully can meet a handsome doctor, LOL.

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