Friday, April 23, 2010

Chiangmai Trip 2009- Saija Massage

I always enjoy massage session as it helps to relieve stress and tension, be it physically or mentally. I like traditional Thai massage especially and I first experienced this in Phuket, back in year 2001. We walked from morning til night every day and suffered from muscle ache, yeah, girls tend to forget about hunger and tiredness when it comes to shopping. After the satisfying full body massage, I regained my strength and could do shopping again, haha. One thing I didn't really like was the part when the lady stood on me (my back, lol), I felt suffocated as she's much bigger in size than me ( I was very tiny that time).

After my first encounter with thai massage in phuket, I miss it a lot and did go for Thai Odyssey in Malaysia. Needless to say, the price is much higher if compared to Thailand, but their skill not bad too. Due to $ reason, I only been there once until now, still trying to find for a good massage place at affordable price.

When I went to chiangmai end of last year, there's this massage centre named Saija Massage near to Julie's Guest House. It's only 2 minute walk from Julie's, a very strategic location for shopping queen like us who tend to get tired after hours of shopping, hahaha.

The service is good, we could make reservation earlier before we went for sightseeing, very convenient.

Take a look at the price, much cheaper than Malaysia, we couldn't help ourselves but went for massage a few times. We got rebate for the massage too, a privilege for staying at Julie's. Manicure at a price of less than RM10, but I didn't go for this. We tried aromatherapy oil massage on the first night, it's very relaxing, but we didn't have individual room for this, so I felt a bit uneasy. I enjoyed traditional thai massage the most, especially the part when I was being twisted and turned around, hehe. If we have sufficient time, I would like to try body scrub and thai herbal massage.

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