Saturday, July 24, 2010

BreadTalk @ Discovery Mall Centro, Bali

Before we went to Bali, we did research online and it seems that trying buns/cakes from BreadTalk is one of the Top 10 Must Do Things... Seriously? Anyway we didn't really bear this in mind until we saw this BreadTalk outlet at Centro. The muffin, bun and cake look very tempting, so we bought some as our brunch.

I LOVE this a lot!!! It's very crispy and crunchy. When you take a bite, the chocolate melt in your mouth and blend perfectly with the bread stick, yummy! Thought of getting this from BreadTalk, Midvalley last wk... too bad, BreadTalk here has nothing appealing to me... so sad.

Look so Pro.

Couldn't try this although look good. Beef ham.


jessie said...

mindy the photos so small... breadtalk in bali not the same with bread talk in spore???

Mindy said...

U can click on the photos to enlarge. @@

Is the same BreadTalk, but I'm not sure the varieties and choices the same or not because i long time never try S'pore BreadTalk. But Bali BreadTalk definitely better than the midvalley one, haha.

Min said...

I tried this one also but I didn't know it's so famous. I bought some breads from there, taste really good.

Angeline Cher said...

U never buy the chocolate sticks for me~~ @_@

Mindy said...

Ya the breads taste good ^^

Wei angeline since when u like chocolate... haha