Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to earn extra money?

How do we earn extra income yet having a relaxing lifestyle? Always read online where people can easily earn extra few hundreds or thousand bucks from online advertising programs such as Nuffnang or Google Adsense, but I can honestly tell you that I only manage to generate a few ringgits by participating in these programs. I know it's due to the low traffic at my blog, since I don't put any efforts in my blog. It's ok, since I'm not a full time blogger.

How about doing locum? I have been looking for vacancy available around my housing areas, but so far didn't manage to find suitable one. W pharmacy does not have any vacancy for me as those hot spot near my area (like one utama shopping centre) all taken up. G pharmacy should have ample vacancies with the mushrooming branches over Malaysia especially Klang Valley area. However the requirements and restrictions make me have to think twice before sending in my application. C pharmacy offers the best rate, but of course not as flexible as the above 2 chain pharmacies, plus the long working hours... Besides earning extra $$, doing locum also can let me learn different things, really hope I get to find a suitable one. My fren doing locum at A.W. pharmacy, the weekend rate is RM31/hour, and it's very flexible, such a good offer! I've to apply for License A in order to do locum, so even I manage to find a good spot, I also need to wait for at least 3 months before engaging myself in locum. ~~

How about selling things online? Ebay? I don't know what to sell, grrrrrrrrrrh...

Giving tuition will be the easiest one, provided I've the capability to give tuition, faint.

The conclusion is I still can't figure out the best way to earn extra $, sigh~


Min said...

Same same here, still looking for ways to earn more money, but then I think the most important is less desire, then spend less lo, hehe.

reanaclaire said...

making money is not easy.. takes lots of effort.. thick skinned also.. hahaha.. i started blogging in 2008 and i slowly learn.. now still learning.. yeah, earned a bit, hope to earn more for inflation..

claire from

jessie said...

wow mindy, seems like u really desperate to make money. Hmm... how about finding a rich bf? then u dun need to pay any effort lo.... but provided he is rich and willing to pay, haha

Mindy said...

min, sometimes we have less desire but still need to spend a lot one, sigh

reanaclaire, thanks for visiting. Your blog is great, sure earn more than me, lol

jessie, can u help me to find really rich and kind bf? hahaha

bacterium said...

no need to rush to earn extra money. just make sure that your main job is what you want to do and allow you to have a normal life.

Saving up is the main way to earn extra money. From your savings, you can put them into other resources to earn more out of your savings, like regular stocks that gives dividends, or go into forex when you are feel more adventurous.

Albert Maxwel said...

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