Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abbott Calcium Milky Chew

2011 is the first year I join Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS), it cost me RM120 to join as an ordinary member. I'm not sure how good is MPS in fighting for our rights or promoting our profession, but just join because persuaded by frenz. Got this free gift by becoming a MPS member, Abbott Calcium Milky Chew 40's worth RM48.

Each softchew contains
1000mg calcium carbonate ( equivalent to 400mg elemental calcium )
100IU Vitamin D3

My conclusion is... I don't like the taste, haha.


Min said...

I'm not their member yet, reluctant to pay RM129 la, hehe.

bacterium said...

Milky chew but it's brown in colour? Suppose to be white right. Can we substitute real milk with this?

Mindy said...

min, i also first time join, haha, i paid rm120.

bacterium, it's a choco taste calcium chew. it claims that is equivalent to milk, but to me milk is always better than calcium product.

bacterium said...

I want to buy milky chew! Anyway, what happen to you? Why didn't you blog anymore?

Mindy said...

Hi bacterium, i was lazy nowadays, will blog if there're some interesting things around, haha. thanks for supporting ^^