Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year- New Hope- New Task

Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating this festival!!! Hope that this year of Rabbit will bring fortune and prosperity to everyone!!! ^^ Now I'm still enjoying my long CNY break after non-stop working for many days, even right before Chinese New Year I was still working, trying to purchase all the necessary medicines with the new budget.

2011 will be another challenging year to me, especially with the leaving of my another hardworking and good colleague + subordinate. Hopefully the one who is replacing her will be equally good or even better, pray hard! Anyway, I've submitted my transfer letter and waiting for good news, wish is a quick one! While waiting for transfer and enjoying my working + vacation lifestyle, I'm still keeping an eye on any suitable yet interesting job outside. I'll definitely go for it if there's better offer outside, with equally good benefit, haha.

And in 2011, I'll start my locum in Midvalley. Already got the approval from KKM and JKN, now waiting for the License A from enforcement. Should be able to start in March or April. Wanna gain some experience in retail and consider whether it's suitable for me... Btw, really didn't expect to get CNY greetings from the chief pharmacist of a well known chain pharmacies...2011, hopefully is a more meaningful, fruitful and lucky year for me, my family and frenz.


Min said...

Mindy, you got lots of new plans. My plans are mostly on traveling only, haha. Faster start your locum, then earn more and we can go for more trips :)

Mindy said...

haha i also wanna earn as much as possible, but sometimes lazy too haha