Monday, January 4, 2010

Congratulations to Huey Im & her hubby!!!

On the 1st of January 2010, me, ya lin, wei lin , thean yee & vivien headed to singapore by First Coach Bus to attend Huey Im's wedding. We were given this big surprise early December through sms, thanks to Huey Im whom hobby is to create surprises. == Haha.
It was a simple but touching & lovely wedding. We only get to know her husband, Darren, from this wedding, he is a shy guy from what we seen. The 'brothers' were helpful and friendly too, fetched us few times, from the groom's house back to Hilton hotel & Amara Hotel, from Pasir Ris to the resort which the wedding dinner was held. The whole event turned out to be a success, feel so happy for Huey Im. :) We know each others for many many years, we attended the same kindergarten, primary school and secondary school, and we started to become good fren since standard three. I still remember our friendship started when I asked her 'May I borrow your Doraemon comic book?', and we were only 8 years old that time, well, almost for 20 years!!! I'm happy for her because she finally found the right man, hope he treat her good and treasure her. Huey Im is a very nice, helpful and funny girl, I believe she can be a good wife and... good mummy, hehe.
Why the bride not looking at the camera? Too tired i guess, haha

Me & huey mei, huey im's eldest sister


Photo taken during the wedding dinner