Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taiwan Street 台湾坊 @ Tropicana City Mall

Yesterday was my happy day, coz i managed to find this modified traditional dress at Tropicana City Mall. I need it for my department family day's dinner next weekend. After some shopping and money-spending session, we headed to this restaurant for a drink and snack.

The restaurant was full of customers when we were there, didn't know that so many people would opt for taiwan cuisine.

The interior design of Taiwan Street. My sis and fren says the colour too bright for them, they felt very dizzy and blaring. @@

The seemingly attractive menu with a variety of drinks and food

Photos taken with my youngest sis mobile phone- Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

My fren ordered this--> Red pearl milk tea. The worst pearl milk tea I've tried until now, very tasteless and yucky. Never ever order this drink if u go to this restaurant. I thought it should be good since this's a restaurant named Taiwai Street! My gosh.

Special red plum ordered by me. Very tasty, hahaha.

Hai Wang Roll. Taste a bit like Loh Bak. The sausage in the middle was not very fresh, I dislike the texture. We tried this bcoz I saw its photo everywhere in the restaurant, but turned out to be disappointing.

Salted chicken chop. This is not bad, thumbs up.
The hot chocolate there was sucks too, served in a very ordinary plain glass with a teaspoon in it. Not chocolaty at all, maybe 1mcg of cocoa powder mixed with 5g of sugar, lol. I just do not understand why the restaurant was full house with these kind of below standard food + drinks.


Min said...

Hey, what kind of traditional dress have you got? Hehe, can post up and see??

Mindy said...

Min, not really traditional, but got some similar design only, is modified modern type, hahaha. I post up photo when i wear it next week ok :P