Friday, July 10, 2009

Cari Makan at Tong Kok Hotel, Kuala Lipis

Last week I attended a course (Kursus Kenegaraan, or Kursus Biro Tatanegara BTN) at Kem Bina Negara, Kuala Lipis. Surprisingly, I find the course much better than what I expected. Accomodation & food wise are ok, still tolerable for me. Get to meet some old & new frenz there, very enjoying loh. I kind of like the activities too, especially flying fox! I've height phobia, really didn't expect myself to have such courage to play this game. Haha...

On the last day of the course, we headed to Kuala Lipis town to cari makan. Esther became our tour leader. :) We came to this hainanese style coffee shop to have our tea. It's located at Tong Kok Hotel (hotel? @@). When we reached there, the big round table was occupied. However, a mr. nice old man there let us had the table, big thanks to him!!! :)

We tried the famous roti bakar, steam bread and coffee. I love the roti bakar the most, maybe because I'm always the number one fan of roti bakar. hehe.

Golden yellow in color ^^ (Photo by Yap)

Making roti bakar in a traditional way. Grilling? (Photo by Yap)

The super-duper soft steam bread, yummy! (Photo by Yap)

Astro Ah Xian also went there before.


Min said...

Wei, the roti looked so tempting la, hehe, I like roti bakar also. Seems like your BTN is more fun compared with ours..

Mindy said...

Haha yes, I also like roti bakar. If u come to kl, i bring u to one restaurant at uptown with good roti bakar.

BTN is fun,maybe becoz many frenz around. :)