Monday, March 22, 2010

43rd Annual General Meeting & Seminar: Updates in Paediatric Pharmacy 2010

Last wednesday I was being told by my boss to attend a seminar organized by malaysian pharmaceutical society (MPS) at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL. Initially I thought of rejecting her after knowing that it's held in the weekend, it'll waste my weekend leave... ~~ After much consideration, I accepted the offer. I could use the opportunity to meet up with my old frenz and gather some cpd points ( only have 4 point until 19 march, hahaha, poor pharmacist at pkd, lol).

The seminar was o...k, but the updates on paediatric pharmacy was quite minimal, not as much as I expected. Anyway, I'm very happy to meet up with many old frenz and coursemates, after not seeing each others for many years. ^^ One thing I'm not really happy is I didn't get my certificate, what's happening, em... MPS still owe me one certificate of poster presentation in 2008, faint.

There're a few exhibition booth with lots of goodies, I think I've 5 Roche black-colored zip bag so far, always got it during conference or seminar, don't know why they keep giving me that, haha.

Some notebook, memo pad, clips

Safety kit, can bring along during traveling, haha

Oh i like the lactacyd a lot since I'm using it now, this's the one with floral fragrance.

Some of the pen that I took

Pen with light, it'll be better if it's a pointer pen


Min said...

Oh, you went! I wanted to go but nobody no company willing to sponsor us, hehe. By the way, how come you took so many pens? Hehe...

Mindy said...

Ya I went and saw li ling, koon wei, sing hong, jessie. So long never meet up with them oredi. None of the pharmacist fr ur hosp attend? I see so many pharmacists fr sarawak and kedah, alor star gh also got around 7-9 attend with sponsor. @@ I didn't get sponsor too, my pkd paid by LO.

haha, there are so so many pen, the sales rep kept stuffing us with pen, think they lazy to bring back those pen, haha. Good also, i 'donated' a lot to my 'poor' clinic haha.

J2Kfm said...

I was there also. Hehehe, though I did not take that many pens. :)
And I got a thermos from the Xepa Soul booth!

Mindy said...

Wow how come u r so lucky one? I didn't notice there's a Xepa Soul booth, aiksss wasted!!! haha.

Mindy said...

oh i remember now, i got the safety kit fr xepa, but i didn't play the game. my fren played but she got one deodorant only, ahaha

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