Friday, March 26, 2010

Kuo Man Restaurant & Little Italy @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Before we headed to Kota Kinabalu(KK) in January, my fren already obtained some info from her colleague regarding famous food around KK town. Pizza from Little Italy (located at hotel Capital) is one of the MUST Try food. According to the colleague, it serves the BEST pizza in Malaysia. @@ Another famous food is the fish paste from Kuo Man Restaurant (Kedai Restoran Kuo Man). It took us and Uncle David quite some time to search for this place.

This is the fish paste with vege & soup. We wanted to try fish slices too but was sold out. ><>

The restaurant was crowded with people, so I suppose local people do frequent that restaurant too. The fish paste is very fresh, but I'll say the taste is not as great as what other people say. But you can give it a try if u like minced fish. My fren who tried their homemade noodle said it's very tasty, too bad I was too full to puff in extra food into my mouth.

The famous homemade noodle is RM1.50. Many people go for their fish paste porridge too, but none of us try that.

The Little Italy Restaurant, a very comfortable place to dine in. The waiter will go to your table and ask for your opinion or comment, such as 'how's the pizza today?' etc.

We tried this pizza, I forgot the name. It's very crispy, cheesy and yummy. One obesed caucasian next to me actually finished one of this pizza by himself, and he told the waiter he had nothing to complain about the pizza, just too satisfying. @@ Besides pizza, we did try the spaghetti too and we couldn't stop loving it, so delicious!

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