Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dinner @ Coconut Flower Seafoods Restaurant, Teluk Gong

Last saturday night we went to Teluk Gong Coconut Flower seafood restaurant to have dinner. I've heard about this place long time ago but until last weekend only I had my first dinner there. My friend told me the food there is much better than Pulau Carey, and I really have to agree with her.

Tom Yam prawn in coconut, really good!!! The tom yam taste is so yummy especially if you eat with the lala clams fried rice noodle. RM27

My favourite dish, fried squid (sotong goreng). Look at the golden brown color, very tempting huh? Very crispy, yum yum!!! RM 10

Almost forgot about our drink, coconut toddy & guinness stout. RM7 + RM7.9

Lala clams with fried rice noodle

Fried oyster, delicious! RM10

Table under the hut

The most ordinary dish- Fried vegetable. RM8

Kam Hiong Crab, slurrrrrrp. I always love crab although sometime I'm lazy to eat it. RM30

This meal cost us RM118.80 in total, including 5% government tax, tower, peanuts etc, really worthwhile!

Coconut Flower
Seafoods Restaurant
Tel: 0331341218