Friday, March 12, 2010

Sawdust Pudding- Macau Dessert

Few weeks ago, my younger sister saw a HK entertainment programme and all of a sudden she wanna try to make her own sawdust pudding. My first impression was sawdust? so funny??? Later only I realized sawdust is actually the crushed Marie biscuits, sounds yummy because I like Marie biscuits. I remember I ate one similar dessert in Macau back in year 2004, after a satisfying Portuguese meal. Since we had some leftover unfinished cocoa powder, Marie Biscuits and condensed milk at home, we only bought whipping cream and vanilla essence before we started the big project.

Everything seems alright until....... I realized I whipped the cream for too long, from light and fluffy to slight watery, the transition happened in just a few seconds!!! Nothing can be helped then, next time have to be more cautious.

Sawdust layered with the whipped cream, quite easy actually. If the cream is more fluffy and not watery, it'll look nicer and neat.
We topped it with cocoa powder, but it'll be better if we have strawberry or cherry, will look better, haha. We then stored it in the fridge and served chilled, the taste is not bad actually, a bit like cheese cake, haha.